How I Made My First Million Dollars being a High-end Escort


It all started after I turned eighteen years old, I was broke, and a friend introduced me to She told me that all I had to do was provide my full name, email, body shot and my phone number. A day passed, and I was invited for an interview. They were looking for exceptional, exquisite, flirtatious and professional ladies to be a part of their team. Luckily I was selected, and I started on a journey to becoming a millionaire.

With my profile up and running at Lollipop Escorts, I got my first job as a Vegas Escort. I was uneasy going up to meet a total stranger. It was a Friday evening, having dressed up just as my client wanted I went to meet him in his hotel room. I knocked the door, and there he was with a grin splattered on his face. He told me we would be going out while closing the door. I spent the whole night pretending to be his girlfriend and at the end of the day, I made three thousand US dollars. It seemed a lot because I had never seen that kind of money before in my entire lifetime. He went ahead and offered a tip of a thousand US dollars.

Ever since my first encounter, I became highly recommended as the best Escort in Vegas. Every client I met became highly interested in me, and my rank grew from an amateur escort to a High-end Escort. I went to places filled with parliament dignitaries. Per night I was being paid over twenty-five thousand without including tips all just for looking pretty and speaking intelligently. My rank was growing, and soon I was being booked in advance. Money was coming in and after talking with a friend, I decided to save up and later invest the cash.

My nights were always fulfilled and every day I kept on meeting new influential people. I became more and more likeable because I could hold up any conversation without looking like a blonde. I was the idea girl for every man in all the functions; they paid extra for the girlfriend experience. I was showered with affection beyond measure and celebrated for my feminity. My closet was all filled with designer labels bought by clients, and my luxurious apartment was already paid for in full. Payment for me became to increase hourly with some booking me for a whole day up to three hours the minimum. Most of my clients being businessmen, some have miserable marriages and at the end of the day, they all become relieved of the services I had to offer.

My greatest paying clients, the Arabs who on one occasion paid me up to a hundred thousand US dollars for a whole day and putting that into my savings account; I had almost nine hundred thousand US dollars all thanks to Throughout my time at, clients have come in to adore me paying for my time and company. The greatest weapon that has enabled me to climb ranks in this Las Vegas Escort industry is that I joined and I was able to stay in control making me loveable. This could not have been possible had it not been for