Critical considerations for multi carrier shipping solution

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Critical considerations for multi carrier shipping solution

For many e-commerce businesses, the cost of shipping nowadays exceeds the total sum of all other fulfilment costs which include direct and indirect payroll, facilities and utilities and packing supplies. For you to keep your shipping cost down, you need a reliable multicarrier shipping software which can help you manage shipments coming in and going out. This post takes an in-depth look at some of the considerations you should pay attention to when shopping for such type of software.


As you grow, you need a solution that can easily keep up and scale with you. Thus, find out if the answer you plan to buy can easily scale from one workstation to an enterprise-wide solution. Also, find out if it can easily be automated and in the process eliminate human error.

Customer service related

Your customers play a vital role in determining the survival of your business. Thus, it is essential always to put them first. When it comes to choosing a shipping solution that directly or indirectly affects your customers, go for one that has a complete track and traceability. The option you go for should also be able to allow full order visibility to your customers and at the same time answer questions about package status and shipping destinations.


Information technology

The user interface of your system will also play a vital role in ensuring you easily get a grasp of it and in the process learn how to use it. Thus, go for an option that has an interactive interface and is easy to use.

On the same note, you should look at the different integration requirements in place. The three integration requirements are Order Management Solution, ERP and Warehouse Management Systems. Thus, before making a purchase, go for an option that has the mentioned integrations since such an opportunity will always come in handy when carrying out tasks on different platforms.

Vendor support

One last thing to consider is the implementation support of the software providers. Basically, by purchasing any given software, you will be taking a leap of faith, especially if you are not good in Information Technology. Software vendors you choose to work with will play a vital role in ensuring the system you purchase work well and helps you improve your shipping services. Thus, it is essential to go for an option that is being offered by reliable vendors who are ready to provide support to you when called upon.

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